Monday, April 5, 2010

Social Security Benefit UK

Claiming social security benefit in the UK is a complex process. The UK benefit forms are long and complicated and require expert knowledge of government jargon. The good news however is that immigrants can also claim a host of UK Social Security Benefit.
Some UK benefits are available to new immigrants as soon as they arrive in the country. Benefits such as child benefit are available to most immigrants with kids under 19 as well as child tax credit. Those immigrants on low incomes will also be eligible for housing benefit and working tax credits. Immigrants who have worked for some time in the UK and paid National Insurance contributions can also qualify for unemployment benefit and job seekers allowance if they lose their job. Dependants who are disabled but who come to live with you in the UK are usually entitled to claim a disability allowance and likewise if one of your family members is caring for that person they may take advantage of the Carer’s allowance.
Social Security Benefit UK works in the following way; the less you earn but the more children and dependants you have the more money you will receive. Single mothers of all nationalities fair extremely well in UK Social Security Benefit; priority is given to any single parent who has little or no income. Financial help comes in the form of free housing, hardship loans, income support, child benefit, tax credits, free school meals and free dental and medical care. There are further benefits if you are a single mother expecting a child.
If you are an immigrant planning to make a life in the UK then you must check out what you are entitled to claim. IVT downloadable UK Benefit Application Packs contain all of the information every immigrant and UK national needs to file a Social Security Benefit application. The relevant benefit forms are included in the application pack, which is written in simple, easy to understand English.


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