Friday, May 7, 2010

How to get a US Visa Appointment

American visa appointments in Canada are like difficult to find! If you have a lot of time on your hands you may be able to find one, but you will need to search the internet virtually non-stop to get just one American visa appointment. Below we explain how to book a USA visa appointment by yourself:

1. Call the American Visa Appointment Call Centre
The US government has outsourced its American visa appointment service in Canada. The bulk of the call center’s revenue comes from the calls you place, so the minute you are connected to the call center you will be charged $1.89 per minute. This doesn’t mean that you will get to speak to a call center agent straight away; the call center is there to make money and so you will likely be kept hanging on the phone for around 20 minutes before your call is answered. But that’s not all; when your call is answered, this does not mean that you will get a visa appointment. The call center agents search for American visa appointments using the online diary known as NVARS. If there is no appointment available for the date you want you will have to call back and play the waiting game again and of course – this costs money.

2. Search Online Using the Visa Appointment Reservation Service
The online diary for American visa appointments is also subcontracted out to a private firm in Canada. You must have access to a PC and be computer literate in order to book your US visa appointment online. Appointments tend to appear in the middle of the night and then it’s just for one or two cities. If you are flexible with dates and times you should be able to find something if you are prepared to wait up. If you have specific time limit on the date you need your US visa appointment or you need to have your appointment in a particular city like a visa appointment in Toronto or if your are applying for any type of US visa other than a B1 or B2 visa you will find it extremely difficult to find an appointment that fits your needs.

3. Use a Professional Visa Appointment Specialist
Many people try to book their own USA visa appointment, but after hours and sometimes days of frustration they turn to a professional visa appointment company like IVT services. The initial cost of a visa appointment professional may seem steep with appointments for 7 to 8 weeks costing around $150 but compared to large phone bills, which will easily top this amount if you call on a daily basis, and the peace of mind of knowing that your appointment will be found by a round-the-clock team of diary checkers the expense is worth it.

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